after eating pizza, i leave a slice on my counter to fill the room with a beautiful smell

Without government, who would start the wars?

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but what about the jews? shouldn't they have their own country?

Yes, but that doesn’t mean that a group of people that have been through hell, should be put in a country where there is a group of other people! For then to put them through hell?
And I am not blaming the jews for this, this is not the act of jews, but the zionists. The jews should have their own country, but they can’t be put in a country, then get some zionists to lead the country and press the people into a little square and put up walls!

israel or palestine?

Are you serious? Is this really a question in this moment? 
You know you are asking me if I support suppression or not. I don’t support bombing and killing of children, civilians, hospitals! 
I stand for a free Palestine, a Palestine where their country isn’t surrounded by tanks and soldiers!